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Emerging companies often need the support of experienced  and trusted partners to build their business and prosper. Hollerbach & Associates LLC was formed to help you think through the critical processes that you need to master, whether they be financial, organizational development, strategic planning, product development or simply making the important contacts in our community that lead to decision makers and opportunities. Our professionals have been on both sides of the table, as entrepreneurs developing new ideas, C-Suite execs planning expansions or struggling to meet payroll, and advisors and bankers considering investment decisions.  
We help companies in Maryland, DC and Virginia that are undergoing change or preparing to expand.  Let us help you navigate through financial challenges, organizational development or in building your company's reputation.
  Current & Recent Engagements   

o Continuing in a long term transitional CFO/Business Manager role at a major Maryland landscape design firm.

Completed a 4 month transitional CFO assignment for a major law firm amid turnover in its business manager role.

o Completed 4 month transitional Finance Director assignment at a prestigious Special Needs Elementary School. Reorganized financial & business processes, coordinated budget, full documentation of processes prior to the permanent hire.

o Ongoing Finance Director role at a major MD cultural icon, refinement of forecasting, revenue recognition and audit prep processes.

o Completed an 8 month interim financial officer assignment at a premier MD non-profit after retirement of CFO and Exec Director. Audit, agency filings and trasnition to permanent staff completed. 

o Providing financial management support to a medical research joint venture.

o Supported a Chapter11 filing with final financial statements and tax filings

o Two separate transitional assignments at major MD non-profits reorganizing financial functions.

o Assisted a construction supply company with strategic assessment, marketing and sale of the company.

o Recently completed eight month assignment as interim CFO for a medical software and device company.

o Ongoing part-time Finance Director role at a Baltimore arts organization

o Completed an eight month assignment as Chief Restructuring Officer at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, redefining processes, internal controls, forecasting and risk analysis. Detailed report to the Board with recommendations well received.

o Co-founder of a digital media and Virtual Reality firm partnering with University of Maryland

o Ongoing part time CFO role at a real estate investment firm with risk management, financing, planning and regulatory issues. 

o Ongoing part time CFO role at a National Capital area strategic planning and media firm.

o Assisting a high tech firm with capital planning, strategic relationships and organizational planning.

o Assisted a commercial bank with regulatory reporting and accounting process streamlining

o Completed a two year transitional leadership role at major DC Nonprofit. Built internal controls, board committees, hired key staff, rebuilt audit, banking, IS & Insurance relationships. Major real estate initiatives. 

o Assisted a major law firm with a client's successful bank acquisition planning, including regulatory expertise 

o  Assisted a major contractor and developer with strategic planning and balance sheet restructuring

o Advised a major government contractor with strategic  & servicer relationships       

o Assisted a medical products company with organization, planning, ledger setup and intros to potential capital and credit sources

Hollerbach & Associates, LLC is a consulting firm that does not perform attestation or tax preparation services
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